HIV and Old Americans

HIV and Old Americans

In 2016, almost 50 % of individuals in the usa (US) and reliant areas a full time income with diagnosed HIV had been aged 50 and older. Though brand new HIV diagnoses b are decreasing among individuals aged 50 and older, around 1 in 6 HIV diagnoses in 2017 had been in this group.

The Figures

From 2012 to 2016, HIV diagnoses stayed stable among individuals aged 50 and older in america and reliant areas. But styles diverse for various categories of older People in america.

HIV Diagnoses Among People Aged 50 and Older in the usa and Dependent Areas by Age, 2012-2016

In 2016, there have been 10,944 fatalities among individuals aged 50 and older with diagnosed HIV in the usa and areas that are dependent. These fatalities can be because of any cause.

Prevention Challenges

There are habits that put everybody at an increased risk for HIV. These habits consist of having anal or genital intercourse without security (like utilizing a condom or using medication to avoid or treat HIV), or sharing injection medication gear with anyone who has HIV. Continue reading “HIV and Old Americans”