Seven methods to disrespect the US banner

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Seven methods to disrespect the US banner

It absolutely was Flag Day today and MPR’s Nikki Tundel papers exactly how individuals celebrated the nation’s banner in this slideshow that is impressive.

And in addition, a lot of individuals who are, without doubt, patriotic within their love for the banner, nonetheless assaulted it in the time that is same.

Here are a few examples from Nikki’s slideshow and sources towards the U.S. Flag Code.

1) The banner should not be properly used as putting on clothing, bedding, or drapery.

We could quibble in what makes a bit of fabric a banner but it to symbolize the American flag, you shouldn’t wear it if you use blue, add some stars, and red-and-white stripes and intend. Continue reading “Seven methods to disrespect the US banner”