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It’s a 2D side-scrolling game that involves power ups, running, jumping and crouching. You’ll weave your way through all of the GBA emulator action in search of a way to save the world. As the gameplay continues, you might find ways to turn your character into a morphing ball, allowing you to curl up and fit through tight places.

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Even with these limitations, I truly enjoyed the game. The simplicity, I believe made it unique yet challenging. Some of my friends became frustrated with these points but I enjoyed it.

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It also introduces the Ring Command battle system allowing you to pause the action while making important battle decisions. This feature allowed other players to join in when they wanted and leave if they wanted, a great feature for when your friends come over to play. The plot is very intriguing and has a great flow to it. Illusion of Gaia is a unique game with an awesome score and characters created by the God Mother of manga herself, Moto Hagio. This game introduced a unique yet simple style to the RPG genre.

But most Japanese players would vote for Chrono, I suspect. Zelda wasn’t a brilliant game, nowhere near the quality of others on the list, and is in some senses more a quasi-rpg than anything else. Awesome graphics, great sound and lots of innovation. Another live-action RPG game as opposed to turn-based. This game brought us the Adaptive Time Battle meter making it possible for awesome real-time action.

  • The first Donkey Kong Country managed to rack up 9,300,000 units sold in its’ lifespan.
  • All four of the NES Super Mario titles that Super Mario All-Stars contains were highly rated as it is, but this All-Star collection hit new levels.
  • Diddy Kong’s Quest shipped 5,150,000 units on the SNES.
  • It seems that the second entry in the Donkey Kong Country series sold quite a bit better than Donkey Kong Country 3.
  • It’s also one of the highest rated titles released for the SNES!

Or you might power up and end up with a speed boost that allows you to run into enemies. Classic games like Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario RPG were released on the SNES. Many of these games, and games of their caliber,were the inspiration for future games.

There are only three playable characters and the attacks are basically melee with each character using a different weapon. All characters share the same health and defense points. Bosses can not be done twice and enemies disappear after defeat unless you completely exit a dungeon or area and come back or if Will loses all his lives.

The story begins with the main character, Will stumbling into a Dark Space and meeting Gaia. Gaia informs Will that he has been chosen and must leave his home to save the world from an approaching comet.