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It should be noted that the first three Star Wars movies and The Phantom Menace arrived in theaters when a movie like Star Wars was entirely not the norm. Save for maybe the first two Superman films and Raiders of the Lost Ark, the fantasy tentpole movies that might challenge Star Wars for supremacy didn’t arrive until after the trilogy had run its course. And while The Phantom Menace debuted in early May just after The Matrix and The Mummy, films of the scale, size and scope of Star Wars Episode One were still not par for the course. A film like Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and/or Independence Day was till rare enough to make Phantom Menace an automatic event.

  • 9 And call no one your father on earth, for you have one Father—the one in heaven.
  • The opening of Jedi pales in comparison to its predecessors, as we’re whisked away to a very silly sojourn at PREQUEL update version Jabba’s palace that overstays its welcome.
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  • We all saw the movies because it was a cultural phenomenon.

Peter is trying to show off his good body to the Queen by walking around half naked. She is brushing him off by using worlds I found every un-Evil Queen-like (and yes, that is a word from now on, haha.) Not that it matters, but this is my favorite cover from the prequels. 3 stars an OK read, I will continue with the prequels until I finish them.

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In response to the scene, pop culture website The Mary Sue announced that it would cease coverage of the series because of the repeated use of rape as a plot device, and US Senator Claire McCaskill said that she would no longer watch it. The episode was the lowest rated on Rotten Tomatoes until the season eight episode “The Bells”. Much of the criticism after the series finale was centered around the handling of the female character storylines.

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However, the general feeling of technological advancement in the prequels mirrors that of the Hobbit movies against the original trilogy, and that is a result of bad film making relying on CGI and the directors trying to outdo themselves. Really though, the biggest take away from the Prequel Trilogy is again the story and themes throughout these films, arguably being more relevant today than they were at the time of release. Lucas built off the histories of other fallen empires, particularly Roman history which literally went from a Republic to Empire, and adapted it rather well to a sci-fi setting. Yes, I believe they are and are worth re-visiting for reexamination. With both the prequel and sequel trilogies now complete, comparing fans’ response to the two reveals an unsettling truth.

Dooku, Maul, Jango and Fett carried about the same amount of weak development that Hux, Snoke and Phasma did. The Prequels follow the trio who won The Battle of Naboo, as they grow from the start of the Clone Wars to its very closure. Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are Jedi while Padame is a political figure. Other supporting characters being Yoda and Windu, and everyone else being minor characters movie wise.

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